Time's Up

by Vicki Green

This author spoilt me, she gave me a quick, clever read, with an interesting storyline and characters that were just brilliant.

I loved the whole set up, the demands that were being put on Rica by her family were far from fair but she knew the score, they hadn’t moved the goalposts on her, no matter how much she may have wished they would and now with her 25th birthday looming, she has to face up to the fact that she has a contract to fulfil, I mean she doesn’t only have to find a guy and get married, she has to get pregnant too…nothing like piling on the pressure!

There are so many stipulations that she has to take into consideration that at times I was beginning to wonder if she would ever be able to satisfy them all but that as right up until the most unlikely hero sauntered across the page, because one tiny glimpse at Luca and I knew she was done for, I hoped that I was reading all the right signs because as perfect as I thought he was I couldn’t help but get a feeling that he seemed to have a few secrets of his own lurking around.

It was impossible not to fall for this pair and their situation, they had the makings of the real deal, they just had to work out whether or not they were heading in the right direction, after all as much as he was everything she might have wanted, he isn’t exactly the Italian boy her boisterous family had stipulated.

This is a story about love, in all its guises.

The love that parents have for their children, the hopes and dreams that they will one day find a happiness that will last them a lifetime.

The love between the most unlikely of characters, the sort that falls into place and refuses to listen to reason.

The sort of love that won’t be denied, the sort of love that is bone deep and that you know in your soul is right and that you will fight to have even if everyone else tells you, that you shouldn’t.

This is all of that and more.

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