Finding Purpose

by Tiffani Lynn

Judson and Quinn were the best of friends throughout college, they were as close as team mates could be but despite the fact that they both had feelings towards each other, it was to be over a decade before those feelings had the opportunity to spread their wings.

The death of Judson’s father meant that he felt as if he bore the responsibility of providing for his mother, he didn’t want his brother to have to drop out of college, so he joined the Navy as a SEAL.

When he is injured in the middle east by an IED and ends up in hospital barely making it thorough, it is Quinn that is by his side and it is then that she hears the words that he has longed for him to say for so long, but in his delirium, there is on chance that he will be able to remember that he told her that he loved her and when he eventually comes round completely she is gone.

The story picks up some time later when he attends the funeral of the man that he has considered a father figure for a long a she can remember and when Quinn gives the eulogy he is quickly reminded of just how much he has lost.

While even after all this time the connection between them was never really severed, it was strained, Judson was suffering, the loss of his leg left him in constant pain and he was dangerously addicted to prescription medication ( not always his) and liquor, and when the full extent of his addiction is made clear in what can only be described as dangerous circumstances, he has to face probably his toughest wakeup call and he knows that long overdue decisions have to be made but yet again it is Quinn that is his rock, the woman that refuses to allow him to give up on himself.

But he soon gets with the program when it is pointed out to him that Quinn wrote to him every single day whilst he was away and despite the fact that she never posted them, she has every letter, so with a new-found determination, the penny drops and he seems to understand that he needs to step up and fight not only for Quinn but for himself too, if they are ever going to have a future.

Now I seem to have spent an extraordinary length of time talking about Judson and skipped over Quinn but I don’t mean to ignore her because she was determined, talented woman with a heart that loved unconditionally, she supported Judson even when it appeared that there was no hope of the man that she loved, loving her back.

He past had left lasting issues that Judson was aware of and that form an important theme of the book, so I am not going to spoil it by saying how that particular topic comes to fruition but I was glad that it did.

I love the depth of emotion that the author ploughed into the story, it was beautiful the amount of love that they had for each other but it was a rough journey to where they needed to be. But this was a couple that didn’t give up and that had so much love to give, not only to each other but to those that impact their lives and when you read the story you will see just how true statement is.

Great story, well written. I look forward to Dex’s story

Topic: Finding Purpose by Tiffani Lynn

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