by Willow Winters

I started this only to almost immediately stop and pick up another book…don’t panic, I hadn’t realised that I was reading book two of the series, I’m a bit of a donut like that, so I stopped reading, read the first book which I have to say was superb by the way and then picked up Heartless again and I didn’t want to let it go at all.
I was totally hooked and following the books on one after the other, I actually think worked to my advantage because I have to wait to get the continuation of the story after the drama of the conclusion of book one.
I found the book quite emotional at times and was struggling at times with the lump in my throat, I think that Ms Winters is an author that uses emotion in her story in such a way that I feel many others would be hopeful that they could reach those depths too. An honestly passionate book that gave me characters that came to mean much by the time I had finished my time with them.
I would defy anyone not to get drawn into the relationship between Carter and Aria, especially Carter I absolutely fell for him.

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