Lumbersexual by Leslie McAdam

Serial misfit Maggie Washington has always felt as if she was on the outside looking in, the left over, the girl that seemed to live in the shadows. Abandoned by her parents, she was raised by her grandparents but that brought its own issues and she always seemed to be looking for the hammer to fall.

But now she is guiding her own future, she has a summer job that she is super excited about and a chance to cut loose and be the woman she wants to be. Yosemite National Park might just be the making of her!

Court Thompson was an unexpected complication for Maggie. She really didn’t know what to make of this sexy ranger. While it was nice to have some male attention, she struggled to trust her gut instinct and to accept that he meant what he said.

His reputation didn’t do him any favours either, he had left plenty of women in his wake but what he was feeling for Maggie might just be something completely different, could he convince her though?

The was intrigued at how they would find a consensus, a way toward each other and I was blown away by the fun that the story brought to the fore. Once they hit their stride, it was like Wow!!!

They were amazing. I adored the characters, the relationship between them and the love that they were able to carve out for themselves.

You will feel so much for Maggie and the insecurities that she overcame to give herself a chance at a love that doesn’t happen every day and you will fall head over heels for Court, why you may ask well I don’t know that I can say anything other than because he was fantastic.

Topic: Lumbersexual by Leslie McAdam

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