by Jack Davenport

There is something to be said for keeping it in the family and with this the first in the Burning Saints MC Series by Jack Davenport, I was thrilled that there was a little interaction from the guys from the Dogs of War MC (Jacks fantastic wife Piper Davenport’s, MC Series) the fact that they could cross over like this and that they complement each other was superb.

Anyway, enough of that and on to the story itself, this was in my opinion fabulous.

The MC was depicted just as I would have wanted and there was angst oozing from every page.

Cricket and Minus (Jase) had, had their time together and whilst they may have wanted it to continue, they were forced apart at the behest of their clubs, two clubs that never gave reason, that never took into consideration the why’s and what ifs, two club Presidents that made their decree and stood back as their members obeyed orders …like they knew they would.

 But now years later they have both been called back into the fold and ordered to return …but why?

The wherewithal to decipher exactly what was going on eluded me initially, the author had so many twists and turns stitched into the very fabric of the book that it was impossible for me to catch hold of just a single thread, I was reaching desperately for every morsel, ready to devour every word like I was starving, the book was impossible to put down.

I thought the author produced a superb read, he gave me characters and not just Minus and Cricket but a cast of club members that I NEED to know more about.

There were so many secrets that had to be unveiled I wondered whether the club would ever be the same again once they came to light, not only why Cricket and Minus had been torn apart all those years ago, but what exactly is going on now and why are they been brought back together…was it engaging… You betcha!

Loved every word of it!!! Highly recommended

Topic: Minus by Jack Davenport

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