by Casey Clipper


Cop and robber story of the highest order!

The story is all about Jason and Hannah and they are not exactly your average couple.

Jason is a cop and I got the feeling that he was beginning to feel a little jaded with the job, it wasn’t the sort of career that was conducive to being able to hold down a relationship, he had seen more than enough of his colleague watch they loved ones walk away from the stain of being married to the force and as such he has no interest in getting into any relationship.

But you can bet your bottom dollar that if and when he changed his mind he never considered that the woman he would fall from was a jewel thief.

Hannah was a product of her childhood which resulted in her need to resort to crime as a means to survive. She is a wily character but then again in her profession I suppose that is a good trait to have.

So what happens when a feisty redhead and a jaded cop crash into each other in the supermarket? The sparks fly and when they catch sight of each other the following day, there is yet another opportunity for the initial spark to be fanned. But since Hannah is opposite a jewellers that Jason just happens to be in – the location on her part is not exactly co-incidental!

But as much as she knows she is treading a very dangerous path, she can’t help but want what being with Jason can offer her. She even gives consideration to giving it all up for him, for her shot at normalcy.

But life or at least her life isn’t quite ready for her to walk away just yet and the message they hand her is both physically and mentally harsh. She has one choice, one final job and the family debt is settled and she can walk away but what happens when the man that loves her, the man sworn to uphold the law… pieces her story together and has to make a choice on what to do?

I felt for Jason I really did it wasn’t a situation that anyone would want to be in, torn between the job that had sucked the life from him but which he was committed to and the woman he loved, knowing that what she was being asked to do was not for her benefit.

What decision did he make, well that my friend you will need to read for yourself but I will tell you that you will not be disappointed.

I liked the fact that the author gave the story time to spread its wings, time to evolve although I would have liked the conclusion to be a little more evolutionary, it seemed that the door quickly closed on the events and all the loose ends were quickly tied and tidied away. But don’t think that I am criticizing the book, I am not, and I loved the characters, although Hannah wasn’t without her frustrations!

But I am looking forward to the rest of the Men of Law .

Topic: Heist by Casey Clipper

Date: 17/12/2015

By: Casey Clipper

Subject: Heist

Thank you for hosting Heist on tour and for the lovely review.

Date: 17/12/2015

By: Daina Lazzarotto

Subject: Love it

Great review, thank you for sharing!

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