Baby for Christmas

by Anna Fox

If I had anything to say about this story it would be that I believe that it had the potential to be much more.

I’m not saying that there is anything specifically wrong …other than the fact that I believe the story is too short and because of that the character development and depth was somewhat stinted for me.

I would love and I do mean love to read this pair and their situation in a full length novel. I think that a good hard look at their past, their back story and the connection that they have shared or not shared, as the case may be. I thought the peek at the author gave towards Tanya’s unrequited feelings for Everett brought to the fore a woman that was calling out for attention, but not just any attention, she wanted the one man that seemed to treat her with almost ambivalent oblivion.

I wasn’t enamoured by Everett initially, I didn’t like the fact that his decision making process was so flippant , his position demanded more of him and in that respect so did I , he was the consummate business man, but when it came to the most important decision that not only he but Tanya would ever face, he made that decision alone and with an almost disregard for her wishes and I especially didn’t like that he was ready to use her position at the company as leverage…a really cr**py move Everett!

But now that I have that out of the way what I will say is that I am surprised by the amount of content that the author did manage to get into such a few short pages. She piled the pressure on the pair of them through both direct and indirect application, the introduction of the malevolent ex brought an element of angst that was much needed, even though I did find her personality and egoism tiring.

I liked the way the author pulled the story together, and gave them a conclusion that they deserved, I just would have loved to have spent a little more time in their company and so that is no crisis at all.

A talented author that I will look for again and that I would implore to give this pair a second chance!

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