by Emma Chase


Having read “Holy Frigging Matrimony – book 1.5 in the series” – I knew how this eventually panned out but in this we get to hear the tale of how Matt and Delores reached their happy ever after – from Matt’s point of view and what a tale it is.

There are very few that can compare to Emma Chase when it comes to taking the male POV, she is outstanding in her craft and Tamed is almost ( and yes I did say almost) as funny as Tangled – the only exception is Drew – because whilst Matthew Fisher is delicious – Drew Evans is divine.

Matt is just a joy – he has a way about him that tickles the funniest of bones in my body – he makes me laugh and his rhetoric is just down right hilarious! Meeting Delores (Dee) takes him out of his comfort zone because she is anything but ordinary and not backwards at making her feeling, wants and desires known.

The two of them seem to be pulling from opposite ends of their own relationship cracker – and the impending explosion is not only inevitable but very messy.  

Determined to have her cake and eat it Dee is more that capable of leading Matt a merry dance – but it is obvious that she really cares for him – its committing that she has an issue with. Past events haunt her and until she lets them go – happiness is not on her agenda. Matt on the other hand knows what he is fighting for but you can only lose when you have one hand tied behind your back, and Dee is that handicap to him.

He can’t make her love him is she isn’t at that stage in the game with him in the first place.

Drew makes a couple of fleeting appearances in the story – well what friend would he be if he didn’t and the man is just delicious! Also living up to expectations is the gorgeous Mackenzie – this little madam has future heartbreaker written right through her – she is glorious!

Drew’s sister Alexandra made me smile and yes I know that those of you who have read the other books will know that she is lovingly (Ha-ha) referred to as the bitch, but she cares and Matt means as much to her as Drew does, so when she lets her bitch out to play – the results are brilliant – she needs her own book!!

I loved Tamed – it was the quintessential romance in many respects, reflecting everything that is right in relationships that work – you put you head down and do what it takes to have the relationship you want – even if that means stepping back separately before you can step forward together!!


Rating 4 out of 5