Reclaimed by River Savage


When I first read Incandescent the first book in this series – I said in my review that River had brought her A Game to the table – and when Affliction was published I said that  –Sy made my soul weep – with Reclaimed, I am finally broken.

Ms Savage, you are not only a jewel among authors, you are simply an amazing human being. You took a subject so sensitive and schooled the world on patience, understanding and acceptance.

You used your characters to underline that both partners are victim to post-partum (post natal depression) and in that you gave a voice to not only the woman that suffer with this condition but also to the men that stand by them.

Nix and Kadence were great ambassadors for a plight that millions of couples face on a daily basis and by sharing their story you exercised through them your empathy for others in their situation – you my dear are a peach!

 Setting this within the realms of the guys at the MC was a stroke of genius and giving Nix a voice to share with the other guys, gave a subtle message that this should never be hidden away. If this hard as nails, badass biker can support his wife in her time of need and not play away, blame her or feel neglected, then us mere mortals should expect nothing less. It is only by being open and sharing the situation with friends, family and loved ones that it can be overcome.

I loved Nix before and I thought I had a handle on how he felt about Kadence but I underestimated the man, he didn’t just love her, he was completely besotted by her – she was the reason that he drew breath and this book made that all the more apparent , there really was nothing he wouldn’t do for her.

Kadence is such a strong character that the portrayal that you gave us of her inner turmoil was excruciating, I cried so much for what she was going through, the self-doubt that she experienced, the uncertainty that she felt towards her child and moreover the doubt she had for her relationship, she could feel the love that he had for her and she so wanted to be able to return it but it is hard to love someone when you don’t love yourself.

Her life was running away from her and you laid out in perfect detail that no matter how close to rock bottom you think you are, you can find your way back, those around you still love you, they are just waiting to hold you again when you are ready.

I loved the humour that you portrayed, the lengths that Nix was prepared to go to show his woman that she was his life and the fact that none of the events are rushed. I liked the fact that the others supported them both in their own way and there was never any judgement.

This was a journey of discovery and restitution, a journey to reclaim their marriage and to show that love in all its guises is enough, you just have to put it to good use.

Nothing worth having is ever easy and Nix and Kadence gave life to their romance and through thick or thin, good or bad they’re in it together for the long haul, I was just thankful that a genuine situation, was given voice and allowed to air its needs in a public domain, giving credence to the fact that shame has no place with this, post-partum is real and should not be ignored!

But I must say you write some of the best sex scenes ever – Mr and Mrs Knight and very ,very lucky to have you wielding the pen on their behalf because they struck gold!!!