Hit the Wall by Rochelle Paige


I read book one in this series and few days ago and loved the story between Drake and Alexa but my attention did waver to the enigma that is Jackson and I was keeping my fingers crossed that he would get his own book because I wanted to hear more of his story and hopefully see him find his missing piece.

Jackson and Kaylie meet under less that perfect circumstances , she intervenes one night when Jackson is unleashing a tirade against Sasha for the trouble she caused between Drake and Alexa. Sasha and Jackson have history – a short and very brief history and not one that he is ever going to repeat.

Jackson doesn’t do repeat performances, he’s a one night man – his relationship with Alexa being the reason why – he thought he was giving her time to get over her heartache, so couldn’t commit to being with anyone as he wanted to be with her. Unfortunately the feeling wasn’t mutual and she fell for Drake and Jackson could see that he had missed his chance and he would only ever be her friend.

Jackson just oozes dominance and sex appeal. He’s demeanour is predatory at first towards Kaylie but he soon changes his ways when he figures out that he may have been looking for the wrong woman all along.

Taking Jackson home after he gets blind drunk at the bar she works at, results in her spending the night – No, not with him – remember Blind Drunk I said!

And as a thank you for the misunderstanding Jackson asks her to have dinner with him. That dinner opens both their eyes to the old adage that opposites attract.

Kaylie, is the exact antithesis to Jackson, she is such a sweet girl, on her own in life since the death of her parents her only family is an abhorrent aunt who gets her comeuppance in the end. A major in dance, she follows her heart to attend the same college as her parents rather than one in the city. But with only a few months until they graduate, will she have to choose between her passion to dance professionally and a relationship with the one person that she never thought would be hers.

The solution is taken out of her hands and Jackson shows us that she really is it for him, he will do what it takes to ensure that she is happy . He is just swoon worthy, they deserve to be happy!

I am looking forward to the next book in the series and I hope that through the continuation of the series we get to learn more of Jackson and Kaylie and also Drake and Alexa.

Let’s hope that Aubrey finds her hero next??


Rating 4 out of 5