Brutal Betrayal by DC Renee

Stories, tales, novels, what are they? They are a distraction, escapism, a chance to while away some time from the stresses that we all experience during the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A chance to indulge ourselves in a world that we can only imagine... or so you would think. 

Because Brutal Betrayal will not let you while away your time, it demands your attention and it damn well deserves it.

Please do not skim your way through this story, give it the consideration it deserves and it will repay you with a story that while traumatic in places, is also romantic, constructive and uplifting.

There are aspects of this book that are unpleasant, I mean there is nothing positive about the experience that Megan went through as a teenager, the one that to this day keeps an unhealthy hold on her.

But the story glistens with positivity, the fact that this young woman, is determined to piece her life back together and is prepared to do whatever it takes, screams of her inner strength.

After every set back, she continues to fight for her future and eventually ends up in under the care of Declan Connors, the latest in a long line of therapists, but this endearing man, may just be the one to finally give her the help she is so desperately looking for.

Megan, despite her past is a fabulous character, one that has stayed in the shadow of her ordeal too long and that is determined to be “normal”.

Having never been in a relationship before, she watches as the rest of the world experiences the happiness that she so desperately longs for. She wants nothing more than someone to love and someone to love her back, and with Declan’s help, she might get everything she wishes for.

Declan is much more than he initially appears. He has a history that is just as powerful to him and his present day as Megan’s is to her. But for Declan his past is far from confined because it rears its head again and demands resolution.

His devotion to helping Megan to overcome her issues is admirable, he is so patient and kind, that it is not surprising that Megan develops feelings for him. But can he keep his feelings in check or will Megan be his undoing?

I must tell you that you need to be prepared because when the twist comes and believe me when I say it is a corker, the book, will emotionally hand you your heart on a silver salver and will revel in doing so.

The book is gut wrenching in parts but it is that overwhelming depth of that emotion that makes this book not just good but great.