The Lies Between Us by MN Forgy


This book is simply epic.

I have very little to say other than you need to read this book, heck you need to read the whole damn series. There is not one word out of place, not one comma that you could change, nothing the touch, the deference the sensitivity all wrapped up with a strength and attitude that MN Forgy seems to have carved out for herself. This is a glorious piece of work and I am in awe!

The book is the story of Lip, a man who if I could conjure up in real life, I would gladly dispense with eth services of much abandoned hubby (I love him dearly), he is everything a woman could possibly want all tied up with a nice bow on top and I want him!!!
He treads a very sensitive line between being a complete  d**k and giving George Clooney a run for his money – this man can do smooth with the best of them, when he wants to. The trouble is much of the time be doesn’t want to he is happy being an ass.

But when this alpha god is exposed and his family (not the guys in the MC) the real mob, are laid before us, I really did get a feeling for why he was the way he was and t=honestly I think had I had that to deal with I would have ended up the same way. But and it is a big but- there is one point in particular in the book where I would have quite happily kneecapped him, he was on very shaky round at that point and I wasn’t sure if I really liked him anymore.

He was glorious, sexy and sin, but he was complicated and confusing but oh my, did he bring the heat to the party!

The other half of this conundrum is Cherry, she is the complete opposite to Lip – well what did you expect.

Be prepared to sob and I mean proper fat ugly ar**d tears, because this woman, hell I have no idea how she survived her younger years.

Her family life was nothing short of horrific, what she went through was beyond my comprehension or perhaps it was just my brain telling me that I didn’t need that sort of pain floating around in my head, it was sickening the horrors that she had experienced. But when she loses the only thing she has ever cared about and becomes a pariah almost, she has no option but to get the hell out of town and never look back.

A chance encounter on the street with one of the guys from eth MC means that she has at least got a roof over her head but her past is something she guards desperately, he sort of secrets are the sort that can create serious problems. But when you live in close proximity with the sort of people that she now relies on, her secrets were never going to stay silent for long!

But once they’re in the open, what does that spell for her and what the heck is Lip going to do about it.

This is a great addition to the series, it is slightly different that the others that have gone before it in as much as it gave more of an inner workings insight into life within the club.

It had its fair share of grief and angst but I was its willing prey, I was consumed by the whole story, I was especially taken with Cherry and was in awe of the how hard her life had been and how hard she fought to make something of herself.

The book was what I wanted and in some respects it was exactly what I expected … but what I didn’t expect was the doozy that Ms Forgy unleashed at the end of the book – what I have to say about that little titbit can be summed up in one word – Yippee!!!!

Topic: The Lies Between Us by MN Forgy

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