Jersey Girl by Rhonda James

So I have found my way back to the sports field…no hold on a minute there ladies, I mean figuratively because exercise and I have a purely fictional relationship!

I love a good Hockey read and this was a good read. I think I could have loved it a bit more than I did but there were a couple of occasions where the characters swung a little too far left field for me and I almost lost my train of thought.

Ok, so the story is based on Cassie, a musician who I have to say I loved by the way and Brantley a hockey player. They meet in unusual circumstances, when they are unintentionally put in each other’s way by Cassie’s brother Scotty. Not initially realising the connection between Scotty and Cassie, Brantley soon finds himself in a look but definitely do not touch situation because one thing you don’t do is date your mate’s sister! But one problem…he’s had a taste and giving up on a good thing is going to take patience that he might not have.

Now, I know that Cassie was determined to do what she could to reconnect with her brother but having your sister hanging around doesn’t seem to be high on Scotty’s agenda, so I could have wept for her as the author carefully drew a picture of the pain and isolation she felt. She was so lonely that coupled with struggling to keep up in class, it didn’t take long for her to reach breaking point and when Brantley found her sobbing he found his compassion and did what he could to comfort her.

I liked the way the author allowed their friendship to take root, for them to evolve. Their story was touching in as much as it was really sweet to read the development that they went through until they reached a point where they were standing on their own precipice and had to make a decision on where they were heading, I had my fingers crossed that they got it right.

I found the book entertaining, it was funny in places but heart breakingly painful at others, I was whopping with delight at one point… I hope you have the same reaction!

Topic: Jersey Girl by Rhonda James

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