All the Rage by T M Frazier

I didn’t read the blurb and I am glad that is the case because I experienced this book, I didn’t just read it, I felt it, every emotion or lack of coursed from the screen of my e-reader and passed right through me until it registered in my brain just what I was reading and I savoured every word.

I read King and thought the series couldn’t get better…until my mind was blown in Tyrant. I went back for seconds with Lawless and Soulless and felt as if I had been fileted by the time I read the last page of the last book.

But with All the Rage, T.M. Frazier knocked me on my a$$, she has taken a character that while she could never have been overlooked when she appeared in Lawless, I would never have thought she would or could be as amazing as she is. Rage flexed her muscle and made sure that while her story was far from normal, far from pretty it was honest and epic. Add Nolan into the mix and this was a truly awesome read.

Rage (I know, you know that isn’t her real name) is the perfect dichotomy, the beautiful kid, that stands out for all the pretty reasons, but there is a dark side to Rage, a reason why she has that nickname, amongst others. Empathy has no hold on Rage, she has no emotional connection to anyone or anything, other than her scooter but does her confident, her bruiser Smoke know her better than she thinks because when he packs her off on a mission, little did she know that his plan was far more deceptive. Smoke wanted more for her and he knew just what to do to trip her emotional triggers.

Nolan…OMG I really could have read more of him and his filthy mouth. There was more to that guy than either Rage or I as the reader could have ever guessed. His story caught me off guard.

This was a beautifully real, yet brutal story of what two people took to find their own brand of forever, their own version of love.

They were perfect for each other but it was far from a done deal, they had so many hurdles to cross in order to finally see a happiness that they could acknowledge…what they went through was hard, harsh, savage but it was what took them to the place they needed to be and allowed them to create a love that was completely unique to them.

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