Absolution by L P Lovell and Stevie J Cole

Authors place warnings on their books for a reason, so please pay heed, this is not your run of the mill story and for some it will be more than they are comfortable with, if you are not sure then don’t read it, it you find it uncomfortable…stop reading but for others, if you are willing to push your boundaries and feel safe with the subject matter…well you are in for a treat because these author have produced a book that delves deep into a situation that will test your resolve, if you stick it out they will have handed you a book that will be virtually impossible to forget.

The subject matter shifts and evolves as the story unfolds and honestly none of it is easy but love isn’t easy, it may not be as hard and harsh for us lesser mortals but for some the devil isn’t just in the detail…they live with it every single moment of every single day.

Evie and her self-imposed vendetta has her on a path that in one hand was easy to understand but which on the other hand left me speechless.

Life in the cult may have moulded her in some respects but it has no bearing so to speak on her ultimate goal, her sister’s killer will pay for his crime and she will be the one to dispatch justice!

Ezra, well dang there is almost nothing redeemable about the man, and as a pimp who uses brute force to bend and force women to follow his rules, I found him the harder of the pair to actually feel anything other than contempt towards.

But add Evie to his mix and all rules as little as there were go right out the window.

This is the tale of two harsh and hardened people who have the reached a point where their lives are ready to implode and the path their story takes is far from easy to get your head around.

I shook, I mean physically shook reading some parts of this book, there are aspects that were insane!!!!

Evie and Ezra will test not only your patience but shock you to the core…they may just need their own definition of crazy!


Topic: Absolution by L P Lovell and Stevie J Cole

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