Forever, Your Concierge by Jessica Ingro

This might be book two in the series but it can most definitely be read as a standalone novel and will in no way disappoint but if you have the opportunity to read Love, Your Concierge before you begin this one,  you will be all the happier for doing so.

As much as I loved the first book I was interested to see what Ms Ingro would produce in this, Maya and Travis’s story.

And I have to say that I was swept away by what is an emotionally beautiful tale.

I loved Travis and Maya, although Maya took a little longer to win me round but I eventually saw that she had her reasons which are well and truly explained in the book and in the end she had me on side.

The book was everything you could have asked, smoulderingly hot when necessary, intensely emotional and reverently private in both word and deed when it was called for, in fact the whole tone and pitch were spot on.

The book is handbook for their journey to achieve fruition and to make something of the obvious and insane attraction that they have going on between them.

It follows them as they grow and embrace the love that they have and fight to have their much deserved happy ever after.

I loved the emotion of the book, the realism that it opened to me, the warm feeling that it imbibed in me and the smile that it brought to my face.

Jessica Ingro is one of the go to authors if you are looking for commitment to perfection, precision penmanship and a smile plastered all over you face.

As a standalone this is superb (although the fact that we get to catch up with Grant and Elizabeth again did make my sigh!)