Inferno Glory MC: The Entire Series by JA Fredericks

I read this when it was issued as series but now that it has all been pieced together in the one book, I couldn’t resist another look.

The book is a good old MC read and if you like that sort of thing then you are in for a real treat.

The story is primarily Harley and Colt’s but the secondary characters are not exactly the sort that you would normally find on the periphery, in fact I think I am being extremely unfair because as the book develops they all come into their own.

When it set out it I had my head set on the fact that this was MC and I knew what I was getting – little did I realise that it was far from ordinary.

Taking the story as a whole I will try to avoid spoiler but forgive any slip ups, they are unintentional but as an entire read I think it may be almost impossible to sum it up without the odd reference to specific content.

One think I will say is that I liked the fact that Harley was the one that had been in prison, I know cruel b**ch that I am but all too often we are handed over the hardened tough guy who does his time and comes out ready to kick a** all over again. It wasn’t like that with Harley she did her time yes, but it cost her everything in the process including her family, so coming out was an empty experience for her, and that is where the story really begins to take shape.

Time inside changed the woman she was but can she pick up the pieces and start again, and without her father, does she have a club to go back too? Well it wouldn’t be an MC novel if she didn’t so I’m not exactly breaking any new ground by letting you in on that little chestnut now am I but when she shows up at the club again she isn’t exactly welcomed back with open arms but they would never turn their backs on her, so at least she has a safe haven (of sorts) and although she knows the guys especially the new President her father’s best friend, it is the guy she doesn’t know that catches her eye – yes ladies she may have been in prison but she can appreciate a fine looking man when she see one and Colt is exceptionally fine!

I liked Colt, he was so sure of himself, he knew that his looks were his way into money maker but he wasn’t one to follow the usual pattern and sleep around with whatever warm body was on offer. I liked the fact he was a maverick of sorts, doing his own thing as and when he wanted but what this story held up more than anything else was the fact that once he set his mind on something, he let nothing stand in his way – because one look at Harley and the word “mine” was all he could consider and he was prepared to do whatever it took to get her, on his own terms though. Harley was going to have to learn to get with this particular cocky bikers program fairly sharpish…oh what a delicious battle of wills we have on our hands.

As the story continues we get to see Harley reunited with a sibling that is hell bent on making her life more complicated than it should be. After all she has a sexy as sin biker who is doing a grand job of that all on his own but faced with complications, uncertainty about her relationship and making a decision about what she needs to do to protect not only her own neck but her heart, I really thought she was going to bolt, but was delighted when her little escape (albeit only for a few days) was thwarted by Colt.

I didn’t want her to give up and I had a feeling that she would have done just that, she seemed to be looking for an easy solution and in the end where is the fun in that? Oh and by the way ladies, Ranger- Oh My God Lord!

But with what seemed like the weight of the world on her shoulders I couldn’t understand why she was having such an issue accepting what Colt was willing to offer, it all seemed really complicated when it didn’t have to be, I sort of got the feeling that she seemed to over think things and was yelling at her to get on with it!

But would she see the wood for the trees before it was all too late?

Well I have to say that the path that Harley takes is in my opinion is all too often littered with silly mistakes, I got that events were overwhelming, the situation with Colt was far from easy and the danger that the club is facing was all too real but woman get a grip!

She was more flighty than I would have liked, but then again I suppose she had reason to be at times but she wasn’t the only one that had been hiding the truth and when those little nuggets start to be unearthed I actually though I was going to cause myself a hernia, really how much more they both take, I was beginning to feel as if someone definitely had it in for the two of them, but was my suspicions founded and was there more deceit to come?

As the story wound its way toward the end I have to say I found the secrets began to take on a life of their own, they manifested in such a way that there was no way that they were going to survive this in one piece, let alone together but I couldn’t stop myself from hoping that what they had would find a way to make it all the way to the end.

I found the pace picked up as Colt fought with everything he had to protect and defend Harley. I watched with rapture as Harley finally had to make a decision on who to trust and whether she could finally trust herself more than anything else.

The book had it all, was completely bad a** as you would expect, it was smoulderingly sexy – I thank you Ms Fredericks for that!  But most of all it was completely engaging, this gloriously intense gang of characters took over my life, yet again- don’t forget I have read this before! I knew what was coming and still flipped my way through it like a lunatic!

Topic: Inferno Glory MC: The Entire Series by JA Fredericks

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