Something So Perfect

by Natasha Madison

With a title like Something So Perfect, the book has a lot to live up to and it did just that! I was totally sideswiped by not only the characters but also by the humour that was in the story, that caught me unawares.
I expected the sexy shenanigans but when the bad boy of hockey lit up my screen, I was unashamedly smitten. He may have been more than a little rough around the edges but I just knew that this was a guy who just hadn’t meet the right woman yet to tame his caveman tendencies…. Enter the fantastic force of nature that is Karrie!
He wanted her and was willing to pull out all the stops to get her no matter how awkward she seemed to like to make it. And oh, how he went about it, he would test the patience of a saint! I totally fell for him hook line and sinker, he could have batted his eyelashes and I would have been a puddle on the floor. Karrie was a tougher nut to crack that I would have been but darn it this guy wasn’t in the mood for giving up!
Karrie was a feisty woman and as much as she could she was the ying to Matthews yang and as nuts as he was about her, the feeling was very much reciprocated…she just had a more subdued way of expressing herself. She was the constant presence in his corner that stood by him no matter what and despite what anyone else may have thought, he was her brand of crazy and they would have to go through her to get to him, so I think it is safe to say that were indeed perfectly matched.
I think the author may have made one small mistake though, this isn’t Something So Perfect, it is Absolutely Perfect in every way!

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