by Rachel Blaufeld

Deliciously relatable, this shook things up just enough to ensure that watching the pieces all fall into place would joyous.

The author is sharp with her characterisation and in this especially because Andi and Reid were the most appropriate definition of opposites, that I could think of.

She was a single mother working her tail off to make sure that she can keep the bills paid and her daughter happy, he was a professor that for many would seem to have it all, but looks can be deceiving.

I liked what they each brought to the page, especially the strength and sass that Andi laid out for all to see, like a shield to ward off the world. Reid was a genuinely good guy, someone that was intelligent, charming, devilishly handsome and oh…good with kids, I mean what was there not to like!

I also loved the fact the story was told from dual points of view and that they both had no trouble expressing themselves.

I suppose it was probably that aspect of the book that I took to the most, I adored getting to hear what they each had going on in their own heads, the inner turmoil and monologue provided some sparks of genius and meant that I switched from peals of laughter to sobbing mess in the blink of an eye.

A first class romantic comedy that both won and bowled me over.

One not to be missed


Topic: HOT FOR HIS GIRL by Rachel Blaufeld

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