by Michelle Abbott

I didn’t read the blurb on this, so I had no idea who or what the story was about when I dove in and while I can imagine that the fact that Kai was dealing drugs might be a bit of an issue for some, I would ask that you stick with him and get the full facts as to why he is doing what he is…you may not change your mind but you will at least understand.

I liked Kai, he was a great character, I loved the bond between him and his mother, the fact that he was willing to do whatever it took to try and make a better life for the two of them.

Did I agree with the path he took in order to achieve that goal, nope not at all but I also knew that he was a reflection of the stark choices that face many in real life and I thought the author handled that situation well. She didn’t glorify him, she showed him warts and all, all his faults and foibles were thrown into the mix and while they tempered some of the good things that he stood for, they didn’t eclipse the man I thought he had the potential to be. I just knew that in his heart he was a guy that was capable of being more than a victim of his circumstance.

But isn’t it always the case that opposites attract, and in this case that adage spoke volumes because Lily is everything that Kai is or should I say was, in as much as she is struggling to keep her head above water but unlike Kai…she faces her situation head on and would never consider taking the same path that Kai has, she loathes drugs and drug dealers but when Kai keeps who and what he is from her, it is obvious that’s he is going to have to face a painful decision when that omission finally hits home.

Can his lies and mistakes rob him of his chance of happiness with a woman that he has fallen totally in love with?

Is love enough to overlook, the misdeeds that she has always despised?

Whilst there is enough angst and attitude in the book, I don’t think there is too much because I didn’t feel pressured or overloaded, I found the flow of the story was pitched just right, it encouraged me to journey with them and gave me hope that they just might have what it would take to work but the lies that were surrounding them were far from a solid foundation for a happy ever after.

The time I spent in their company was most enjoyable, I enjoyed the fact that they both had the opportunity to express not only what they were feeling but also what they were thinking, and I think the authors decision to tell the story from their own points of view was the right choice.

If I have an issue…I wasn’t ready to say goodbye!

Topic: Kai by Michelle Abbott

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