Notice by K. Webster


Ok, so let’s just get this out of the way, don’t for one second think that you can ignore the authors warning about this book because when she penned that little beauty she meant every single word!!

I mean I understand that crazy comes in all manner of favours but when it comes to Maxwell Gray…well, he is the full seven shades of lunatic stalker and there isn’t an ounce of embarrassment about it either, this guy has elevated stalker to Olympic proportions and with a moral compass that is most definitely not pointing true north, you will be in two minds as to whether you love or hate him. For me, while I was respectfully aghast at the depth of his possessiveness, I couldn’t help but fall a little bit for the guy that hid beneath the surface.

Without doubt Gray is a guy that is an acquired taste but despite the fact that some of his actions really had me scratching my head, I couldn’t dispute the fact that there was a heck of a lot about him that was much more attractive. I admired his honesty and his unrepentant alpha tendencies, he was an oddball in many respects, but as I read I couldn’t help but see him as my oddball.

Violet is the object of Gray’s attention and while she has survived a harsh and harrowing past, she is no shrinking violet (excuse the pun), she is perfectly capable of standing up for herself and with a guy like Gray on the horizon she may just need all of her own attitude to deal with him and his!

Their connection was one that you will enjoy seeing unfold, it is a grower as such, a path that runs in parallel right up until the time that all ties become completely intertwined and by that time, I was in love with the pair of them.

I get that this may be a little too dark for some but for me I actually thought that it was more of a deep shade of Gray rather than pitch black!  They may have been totally unconventional but it didn’t matter because they totally worked and as crazy as this may sound, they needed the angst and attitude to get them where they wanted to be.

If you are looking for something different, something totally entertaining with not only lead characters but a plethora of secondary characters that were worth every minute I spent in their company, this is the book for you, I know that  I will return to this book again and again …of that I have absolutely no doubt.

Topic: Notice by K. Webster

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