Hollywood Prince

by Kim Karr

Did I think I would like this? Well to be honest I was in two minds, I thought the premise sounded interesting but wasn’t sure how the author was going to make it stand out from the crowd, after all there are plenty of bad boys out there to complete with …but I have to say that Brooklyn was a little out of the norm, a little different and in that respect, he won me over.

Amelia was looking for her forever guy but just because she was looking didn’t mean that she was going to find him…or was she?

She must have thought that she was on safe ground when she knocked on Brooklyn’s door with when she rocked back into town to see her brother Cam and Makayla because despite the fact they go way back, he is the last person she expected to end up staying with.

Brooklyn might not be the perfect man, far from it in some respects but for Amelia he is going to go all out to prove that waiting to find her Mr Perfect might just mean that her ideal guy slips through her fingers and he is going to be that man…her ideal man…its game on!

Brooklyn is the epitome of easy going, life has been for living and he has made sure that he has done just that and to the max, but can this leopard change his spots…can he show not just Amelia but her brother that he is capable of being committed to Amelia and is willing to embrace the future and the feelings he has for her given the chance.

Will they take the chance or is it all just wishful thinking?

Together they brought the book to life, Brooklyn pushed back against every stereotype I had lined up in my head for him and pitched them straight out the window and knocked me on my a** in the process. I loved the fact that despite his privilege he was such a honest, solid character. He was so normal that it was impossible not to love him.

I liked the fact that this was told from both points of view, being inside their heads was the most wonderful place to be. They made me not only smile but laugh out loud and on occasion they had me reaching for the tissues.

With previous characters popping up you might think you would miss some background and in some respects, that might be the case but this stands perfectly as a story on its own, I loved Cam and Makayla from their story but in this book, in this Brooklyn and Amelia’s story I didn’t need anything else it was all about them and that is all I wanted.

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