Unveiled: Laid Bare by S R Grey

I thought the first book had me hooked – well I revise that statement because I now know that I am sadly mistaken because I am not hooked – I  hold my hands up in defeat, I surrender to this magnificent series!!

This pair are brilliant, Oh no here I go again changing my mind, what I should say is that they are really great together , Dahlia is a super character, she really is but it is Lucien that is the star of this show!

Picking right back up from the end of book one, we see that they are prepared to give what they have a shot and the rest of the world can be damned.

Lucien knows that there are consequences to the decision that they have taken but they have to at least try.

And I have to say that they were doing Ok until his cousin Selene turned up on the scene.

Why is it that there always has to be someone that you just want to grab by the throat and smack upside the head! Not only does she rock up unannounced but she has the cheek to threaten Dahlia.

While the connection between Dahlia and Lucien is evolving, I have to say my curiosity about Lucien and what and who he is exactly has reached fever pitch.

He is so alpha that his personality, sweeping across the page was electrifying. He oozed charm from every pore and that radiated from the page as if it was desperately trying to seep through the screen to reach me.

I could feel the force that he was bringing to the story – it was completely absorbing!

His powers are more than anything humanly possible but what exactly it is, remains tantalisingly out of reach, we have snippets but nothing to completely hang a label on yet, I love the illusion that SR Grey has created and the fact,that because of him I am left not only gasping and grasping at straws.

There is so much left unsaid and so many open questions that I am desperately waiting to read part 3.

A mysterious, magical mystery ride!!!

Topic: Unveiled: Laid Bare by S R Grey

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