Long for Me

by Stacey Lynn

Whilst I thought the story was both well told and well written, I can’t say that it totally won me over…or at least Bennett didn’t, well not entirely.

His dominant personality did exactly what you would expect, it dominated…and in some respects, that left me a little confused because the whilst for the majority of the time I liked him but there were occasions when he really narked me.

Every single thing he undertook was done to satisfy his need for total control but when he saw Rebecca it was obvious that, that desire was going to be tested to it very limit because she was far from ready to fall in line with his plan…or was she?

So, I have already said that Bennett had the ability to nark me…Rebecca doesn’t come off much better because she was more than able to rub me up the wrong way too…I wanted a little more strength from her, it wasn’t as if she was a weak woman she had survived not only a father that was abusive but a mother that well…words fail me but she made it through and was forging her own way in the world and it was that strength that I wanted her to totally own and at times I don’t think she did.

So now I have all of that off my chest I will say that the concept, the storyline was everything I have come to expect from this author. She took me on a journey with two complicated characters that she was adamant that I needed to get to know.

The story was about change, about growth and about challenge and they both met that head on.

I got the rich dominant boss man and his personal assistant attraction and despite the fact this is not an unusual scenario I didn’t dislike it when I took this pair into consideration.

The author was the selling point for me in this story and the story was filled with enough angst and attitude to keep me flipping the pages, I didn’t hate the book far from it and while I can accept that I finished the story feeling content, I would have to admit that I was not entirely swept off my feet.

Topic: Long for Me by Stacey Lynn

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