Patrick's Savior

by Nic Starr

This is not my usual genre but I will say, that I was happy they got their HEA.

From the limited MM that I have read up until now, I would have to admit that this didn’t always read as it was entirely entrenched in all things MM and that sort of drew me in. There was a strong element of mystery running through the book and that almost tempered somewhat the romance but I don’t necessarily think that the story suffered because of it at all, in fact in my opinion it was a win, win situation.

I thought the strength of the detail made up for what in my opinion was a slow start and once the story hit its stride there was absolutely no stopping it.

Patrick and Simon were a great couple, they balanced each other out, Simon the perfect antidote to Patrick’s insecurities, although there were times that I could have quite happily throttled Patrick for sticking his head in the sand! Wake up man and see that you have a problem that isn’t going to go away…well at least not willingly.

He was really struggling to see that there was an issue that had yet to be resolved and until it was, what he wanted with Simon was always going to suffer. But could he leave his past and the reason for his uncertainties behind him or would it make no difference and they would have their say regardless?

This was the major point of the story and the impact that a prominent part of Patricks past was willing to have on not only his present but his future. I really enjoyed this.

I worked out who it was fairly quickly but that didn’t deter from the story, I thought it was a good romance with a hit of mystery that gave everything a boost.

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