The Beast of Aubyn Hall

by Alex L Michaels


This is the second book I have read by this author I have to say that it was very entertaining.
I love stories that incorporate the thing I love most into a story…books, so the setting and scenario surrounding Bronte and her enigmatic “beast” was just my cup of tea. And No I am not going to give you spoilers because …well what’s the point in that, you should read it, you will not be disappointed!
Bookworm Bronte is happiest between the pages, her heart safe and sound but her imagination set free, for her everything else in life was mere window dressing.
So when the opportunity to work in the Aubyn Hall Library landed in her lap she was thrilled, and I felt that enthusiasm, I liked the fact that as I read I could not only understand the nuts and bolts of what made her tick but that I also got a real feel for her spirit. I found the author's depiction of Bronte very engaging.
But as her week at the library takes shape, it doesn’t take long for her to not only hear about but to also get to grips with the guy that everyone knows as the “beast”.  As much as he had a reputation, I wasn’t sure that it was one that he truly deserved…but I suppose you can form your own opinion. He was a guy that wasn’t much for small talk or at least not pointless waffle and a guy that most definitely wasn’t on the lookout for anything that was remotely romantic, but he couldn’t help but be intrigued by the beautiful Bronte.
Was she enough to break through the walls he had so carefully erected?
With a steady pace, this flowed beautifully, and that combination meant that this was a book that was easily devoured in a just a few hours. With an easy banter between the characters and a descriptive tones that breathed life onto the page, this was a read that easy to get lost in.

Topic: The Beast of Aubyn Hall by Alex L Michaels

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