Giving In To You

by LM Carr


Living in a small town has its advantages, everybody knows everyone, sometimes though this can be a massive problem......

Mia Delaney loves to run, with her dog Brady they are a familiar sight and after being away at her brothers for the summer it is nice to catch up with the locals. What she didn't expect though was to bump into a handsome stranger. After her previous experiences with men and what happened with her cheating boyfriend last summer she is wary of men in general at the moment.

The new school year begins, Mia and her best friend Shelby love being teachers and meeting the new kids in their classes. What she didn't count on was two of them belonging to the hot, handsome stranger. Only trouble is he seems to be very friendly with her former friend, the one who cheated with not just one, but two of her boyfriends. 

Adam Lawson is a man who is used to women falling at his feet and none of them ever say no!!!!! The thing  is he has set his sights on Mia and that might be a problem. The dance between them that ensues is filled with gripping twists and turns, a lot of indecision and a realisation for Adam that a woman might have actually let him see he does have a chance at love and a real future.

The only thing is, a few members of the small town are fighting very hard to split them up. Will love find a way or will one family succeed in breaking them apart.....

I can't wait for part two to find out what happens, I was totally sucked in by this story and couldn't put it down.

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by Sue