Aurora James by Jessica Ingro


This is Jessica Ingro at her unfaltering best.

The book is one that leaves nothing to chance, it gives nothing away either and you will be thankful for that.

I think I would say this is more than a novel it was an experience.

Single mother Alyssa has reached the end of her tether and with few options left – heck who and I kidding – she has completely run out of options when she turns to the locals trip club as her only means of feeding her child. Her desperation was palpable at this point and it is a situation that while I may not entirely understand, I can empathise with completely because as a mother you do what you need to do to take care of your child – she took the avenue open to her and she should be commended for being that strong.

Now the club of course offers more than just what is on show – it offers to cater for every carnal pleasure and takes no prisoners in the dishing up the most devious of requests.

From the minute Xavier (the owner of the club) lays eyes in Alyssa he feels drawn to her, he wants to help her to help herself but does he go too far?

There is just something about her that has him reluctant to share her with anyone, not that he has had her himself at this point. His past is holding him back, tugging on leash that he can’t yet break free from but what he is feeling for Alyssa is tugging on his heartstrings… something has to give and I have a feeling that it ain’t going to be pretty when it does.

Keeping the punters away is a task that he manages but all the time he does he has to make sure that her reason for working at his club, to earn money to care for her daughter is not forgotten, he is more than willing to make sure that she doesn’t lose out financially because he can’t bear the thought of her with anyone else.

Under her stage persona Alyssa is reborn – a bigger and badder version of herself but it is a wonderful façade to hide behind.

Xavier only has so much restraint but when it finally snaps, can he give her all of him or will it be just for the sex as he continues to profess. Alyssa knows this man better that he knows himself, she can see what lies behind those smouldering eyes and she knows he feels the same as she does – what they have going on is so much more that what is happening between the sheet.

But can Xavier stop his past from ruining what he might have in the future and does he deserve a future with Alyssa and Sophie? When his enemies come sniffing round can he keep them safe or does his fate have more in store for them all.

Can Alyssa show him that no matter how strong he thinks he is, she can play with the big boys too… this woman may just be able to stand tall with her man. No-one messes with a mamma bear – her daughter is caught up in this and hell will freeze over before she sits back and lets her man fight alone.

Now I was happily ticking along with this completely caught up, thinking these pair were just what I needed on a Sunday afternoon and then – bam – right between the eyes – Jessica landed the killer blow – a Cliffy that knocked the wind from my sails!!!


Topic: Aurora James by Jessica Ingro

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