by WS Greer

“I’m a whole new breed of villain”, well never a truer word has been said because just wait until you try to get to grips with Solomon King. He has no limits, no restraint and no recourse. This is a man that learnt early on in life that life is tough and in order to survive it you have to not only be tough enough, but you also have to ensure that those around you understand just what you are willing to undertake in order to cement your standing…there was nothing that Solomon wouldn’t do and that made him dangerous to everyone!

Reina is everything that Solomon isn’t, as youngsters they should have never been in the position to form a bond, but they did, two kids from opposite sides of the tracks leaning on each other, both desperate to escape lives that neither of the want but for totally opposite reasons. Reina had an issue with the expectations that her parents had for her, while Solomon had parents that barely acknowledged is existence let alone expectations!


But will the bond of their early years at Strawberry Mansions, be one that lasts a lifetime, or will the passage of time ravage a friendship that could possibly save them both? As you can imagine, only time would tell.


But could “King” Solomon rule the empire he has at his feet without a “Queen” by his side?


 The connection between the two them was well developed, I thought the author gave just enough for me to understand what was going on for the two of them, but there were twists that when they came to the fore I hadn’t actually expected, and I thought that the author was selective with the amount of quality time given to the secondary characters but that with the important ones, like Nix he didn’t let me down.


Solomon was certainly one of a kind, a tough as they come guy that owns the skin he wears with pride and makes darn sure that everyone around him knows it…this is a man not to be taken lightly and with just cause.