Lost Until You by J R Grant

The retrospective aspect of this book fascinated me. We knew we had a couple that were devoted to each other and had been since literally the minute they met yet after opening  the Pandora’s Box that was her younger years,  we were left with a present day situation that no-one had any idea on how to handle.

The actions and reactions were confusing to me, did Jazz handle things the way I would have wanted her to, probably not but then again this was not my story to tell but I have to say that the twist that the author threw in, turned my read on its head and added a dimension to the story that was if I am honest I found fairly difficult to get a handle on.

I mean Brax was fabulous from the very beginning, he was completely smitten with Jazz and there was nothing that he wasn’t prepared to do for her and I had originally felt as if Jazz was cut from the same cloth but I doubted my feelings for her when her actions caused Brax pain that in my heart I could almost feel tearing at his soul.

The chance to decipher the story of her past was relentless and consumed her, much of her discovery was heart wrenching but the as sorry as I felt for her, the majority of my sympathy lay with Brax and their daughter because it was them that she had practically deserted in order to indulge her quest.

I was left questioning how much is too much. And what would I do if it were me? Would I have to know at all cost?

I feel that the love that Brax had shown her was the type of love that comes along once in a lifetime and while it is inherent in us to know where we come from and what makes us what and who we are, I don’t believe that, that has to be at the detriment to those who have loved and supported us through the dark times.

Love cuts both ways and I just resented Jazz for what she took from Brax and didn’t feel like she gave enough back.

But showing the type of man he is, it was Brax that reaches out to her to let her know that no matter what, his heart was still with her and that his love for her is there despite what they were going through.  Honestly, stronger men would have walked away, I cried for his pain and not hers – is that wrong of me? Probably but Brax just made my heart melt.

The story was as powerful as it was dynamic with two characters that pulled me in different directions for a huge chunk of the story but who ultimately gave me hope that love can be enough, that it can bind you together and refuse to let you go, and that with forgiveness and time love will see you through.

I am looking forward to the rest of the books in the series and to get to know the remaining Sorrentino boys.