Better when He's Bold

by Jay Crownover

I think the underlying message in this book is that love really can conquer all.

This is the second book in the Welcome to the Point series and it doesn't disappoint in any way.

We follow Race and Brysen's story, all the twist and turns that lead them to each other, and there is plenty.

He is a privelidged boy turned to the dark side of life and she is trying to stay on the right side of the tracks. You need to have read the first book to know what leads Race to make the choices he does but once you do you will know he has no other option.

Brysen's tries to resist the pull she feels, if only to stay out of his business but with his golden boy good looks and a very cute dimple, it's impossible to do.

Her life is just as hard and together they hold each other up and can face just about anything.

This is a fantastic follow up to what was a brilliant first book in the series, I was hoping it wouldn't disappoint and it didn't.

Looking forward to the next one in the series........ It's a 5 out of 5 for me. 


Reviewed by Sue