Knox Volume 1 by Cassia Leo



Knox Volume 1 by Cassia Leo

Well, not normally a novella or short serialisation type of girl – I downloaded the first 3 of the Knox books hoping that by stringing them all together I would get a feel for the story in its entirety.

The books came recommended by a fellow reader on my Facebook Page and despite that fact that I wanted to save them for vacation; once I got started there was never any doubt that they wouldn’t make it that far.

Turning her back on her father and his mob connections after witnessing the death of “Uncle" Frank. Becky chose the one career that would enforce to him the fact that he was out of her life – permanently, she moved into Law Enforcement.

Determined to steer herself a new path and she lives alone, has a relationship with August that suits her just fine – even if it is a little one sided and has managed to forge a career where her surname is not a hindrance.

Until he arrives!

Knox Savage in all his glory, barges his way into her life and with no exception – assumes control. If she wants her life back she will do exactly as he says.

Not that, that appears to be much of an issue as the magnificent Mr Savage has a lot of plus points going for him when it comes to Becky (or Rebecca as he prefers to address her) - body of Adonis, piercing baby blue eyes and more importantly - they have history!

Definitely not one to beat about the bush, he is unorthodox in the extreme; it is his way or no way at all.

With no choice at her disposal, Becky understands that in order to get out of the situation – she has to play by his rules – and after he takes her home following their first meeting – that doesn’t appear to be an issue.

The details of the impending situation with her father are minimal – I assume that is because the story will develop in Volume 2 but the twist at the end is an absolute kicker!

Definitely did not see that one coming!!!

Rating 4.5 out of 5