Finding Serenity

by TE Black


The only problem with this book is finding a bit that you are willing to stop at, it is almost impossible to put down.

As superb as Shay and Trent were as a couple, for me it was Trent that had me captivated all the way…he had it all going on and he knew it, he was just the right side of alpha for me, he was the perfect pitch of maleness and I was swooning in the corner.

Shay wasn’t looking for a partner but when she fell for Trent she wasn’t playing around, after all it wasn’t just her that she was bringing to the party, she had a child that was dependant on her being strong enough to pick the right man and Trent was as far from the right man as you could have possible imagined.

Trent was bad news but who can argue when love gets it claws in, Shay was hooked and there was no letting go…she, no they had to find a way to make what they have work.

I was frustrated somewhat when Shay seemed to follow the well-trod path of thinking that she can change this so called bad guy. Really she needs to get out more, nobody was ever going to change him unless he wanted to, luckily for her Trent was at the point in his life that he was ready to get with the program and the fact that little Abby stole his heart almost as much as Shay did was a win/win situation.

The book is funny in places and sad in others but what threw me was the frustration that it foisted upon me at times.

My heart broke for Trent, I felt emotional broken by his story and I had expected to find Shay more engaging and relatable. I just wanted him to find his happy and for all the right reasons. I knew that with Shay and Abby he would be the man he was always destined to be but getting there was such a raw process.

A beautifully dramatic, yet ultimately romantic read. One that doesn’t just give the Shay her man but gives Trent his future and that brought a smile to my face.

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