Seeing Stars by J Sterling


First in the new Celebrity Series - this caught me by surprise. It covered most bases required when picking soemthing to read but I didn't see the twist coming and for me that was a surprise. I am usually good at working out what lies ahead.

The story in general was one that held your heart gently while giving you a bit of a hug! Sweet really, with a little bit of heat and just a touch of angst it really was just a good old fashioned lovestory at heart.

It's a quick read but that is not too it's detriment - it works. I found that it just made my heart sing all the way through.

We start the story with Madison Myers - LA Talent Agent - being talked into attending attending a concert with her best friend to see the hot talent on the scene - one uber hot Walker Rhodes.

I loved the quote from Madison when describing Walker -

    "If you took one smidgeon of allure, mixed it with two dashes of handsome, tossed in a devilish grin and eyes that could stop wars, you'd have Walker Rhodes."

Being a Rhodes fan, she was far from difficult to persuade and when she discovered the seats were in the first few rows, a herd of wild beasts wouldn't have kept her away.

Walker's history is not exactly as stellar as his career - he is portrayed as having a bit of a tendancy to party very, very hard and when his gaze settles on Madison during the concert, she feels his pull to her very core. And her evening takes one almight twist when she is withdrawn from the audience and ends up on stage with Walker as he sings one of his signature ballads to her.

Her euphoria is short lived when the song ends and Madison takes exception to a comment whispered in her ear by Walker.

Refusing to be just another notch on his bedpost, she turns tail and leaves the concert - Walker Rhodes a distant memory............... Or is he?

Walker plays by his own rules and uses every means at his disposal to track her down and despite his desperate pleas, she is resolute that he has no place in her life and that she will not be contacting him- Period! But we all know that , you should never say never!

Life conspires against her and she is left with little option but to see him again and that meeting brings forth a variety of emotions for Madison, she hates the public persona of  Walker  but spending time with the man himself she learns that he is not what she had anticipated and that she feels a strange familiarity with him.

There story unfolds into one of a connection,fate and history not standing in your way.

Their situation is beautifully described and the relationship between the pair of them is just fabulous.

Walker really is a victim of the tabloid gutter press and Madison learns that he is more that she could have every imagined.

The story is short and sweet and a great start to the new series - we are introduced to soem of teh peripheral charaters and I look forward to Book 2 - Catching Stars.

Rating 4 out of 5