Dirty Wife Games

by Clarissa Wild

I believe that in order to get the most from this story you really should read the previous story Dirty Bride Games, because it is in that book that we get our first introduction to Hyun and while this stands well in its own right, I feel that I got more out of the story by having that background, that knowledge of who Hyun was and is.

So what about this book, Dirty Wife Games, well I was almost relieved that the story wasn’t quite as full on as the first book, this was a more personal if not personable story and again, I think I got more from it and the characters because of that.

Total in dual perspectives, I think the author had to give Hyun this opportunity to let us see and hear her reasoning and I say that because not everyone will possibly understand how given their situation she could have fallen for Drake.

Hyun’s husband was a deplorable human being, I think I might have taken a bat too him and considering his maleficence it was no surprise that she was drawn to Drake despite the fact that no matter how you dress it up he was stalking her. Without an insight into how she was feeling I think many would have considered that all sorts of shades of crazy!

Me, well I think was on the flip side because I couldn’t wait to see how it was all going to play out!

So who was this guy, well he was Drake and as far as I was concerned, as obsessive and creepy as his methods were (and in honesty they were ever so slightly nuts!) I just couldn’t find it in my heart to judge him for following his heart! And I know there may be some of you thinking that I am as crazy as he is but just wait to you get a load of him ladies, I think you will understand where I am coming from.

As you can would imagine any book by this author was always going to be superbly written and this was no different, it was pitch perfect, with more twists and turns than I thought I was going to get. With clever use of perception, reflection and conclusion, I was pulled along with both Hyun and Drake and couldn’t wait to see how what they had together was going to develop.

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