Snowed In by Lila Monroe


Every good girl has a wild side – don’t they?

Well, Paige has lived life as the good girl for far too long, living up to everyone’s expectations and never having a foot or hair out of place.

Her mother’s instruction manual never missed a single page in her blow by blow account of social acceptability, except it missed the very Paige it needed to focus on because all the while she was just doing what everyone expected of her, her life never afforded her the opportunity to be the woman she wanted to be for herself.

But this time, this opportunity, it is her time to shine, her chance to stand tall and stand on her own two feet – her business will either sink or swim with her at the helm and she is determined that she has what it takes to succeed…and so Aspen here she comes.

I liked Paige, I liked that she was devoted to what she did, that she was able to stand on her own two feet and take charge of a situation. She had plenty of practice at dealing with difficult people and situations but dealing with her latest client… well that was a new one on her.

Ace wasn’t an easy man, he had, had the rock star career, which was tragically cut short following an accident but he didn’t quit the industry, he just moved over to the management side but his loss lay heavy in his heart whether he would admit it or not.

Deciding to imbibe in a little holiday spirit, Ace opens his doors and decides to throw a party for the great and good of the music industry but getting it off the ground and everything under way – that is Paige’s problem, nothing too problematic then, unless of course you count Ace himself that is.

This talented man was far from easy to work with, he had a cheeky belligerence about him that made him hard to get a handle on but Paige wasn’t willing to let him derail her plans and if this reclusive mogul wanted a kick ass party, he was going to get one.

The only thing was, that following a less than auspicious first meeting, Ace had other wants and needs on his mind and Paige while she may have been initially out of the loop, he wasn’t too slow in making her perfectly well aware that he wanted a darn sight more than just a party, he wanted her and what Ace wants he normally gets.

I was surprised at first at how easy the attraction between the two of them flowed, there really was some serious vibes being kicked about between the two of them but Paige was certain that this really could be the launch pad for her career, so crossing the line with a client was a definite no no.

But with a man like Ace on the prowl, she could hide for long.

I loved his cheekiness, he knew that she liked him and used it to his advantage, much like he did when the snow put paid to all her hard work, after all having her all to himself was no hardship, if anything it was a better idea than the party.

Stuck together to ride out the worst the weather could throw at them, they could only stave off the inevitable for so long but was it as fleeting at the snow that had then harboured together or was this the beginning of something that was more substantial?

This was a short but engaging read, full of charm and cleverly interjected with a strong sense of wit. Paige was a funny character in more ways than one and that made her more endearing in my book but Ace he takes a little getting used to but in the end I thought he did enough to capture my attention.

They were cut from very similar cloth in many ways, both strong willed and determined, and I do enjoy a story that gives both characters equal opportunity to shine.

Topic: Snowed In by Lila Monroe

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