Game Player by BJ Harvey

This book was just the tonic I needed when I settled down to read it and I didn’t lift my head until it was finished.

I had spent a couple of day’s knee deep in intense stories and my heart was looking for a little light relief, BJ Harvey dished that up in spades.

It had me laughing out loud at some points. But that is not to say that the book was all sweetness and light there were times that I was beyond frustrated.

This was family at its very, very best, warts and all but no matter what they were as tight as they could possibly be and that warmed my soul.

Matt and Mia are like two peas in a pod, but something has to give…just who will buckle first?

Scarred by the memories of what happened between her parents Mia has almost vowed to never find herself in the same situation as her mother and would never suffer her man cheating, so to eliminate that she just avoided anything more than sex , no deep and meaningful, no relationship, nothing other than amazing earth shattering sex and with Matt she was on very safe ground because if there was one thing she knew she wasn’t going to get with him was a man than wanted more…Matt didn’t do more, everyone knew that but what happens when the one man that doesn’t , suddenly does and nobody will believe him?

The back and forth between the two of them was superb, they were pulling in opposite directions when all they really wanted to do was be together but neither of them were in a position to actually come out and admit it.

I smiled so much at their antics that I was super peeved when the book finished, honestly I could have happily read on for hours.

Topic: Game Player by BJ Harvey

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