by Brit Lauren

This is nothing short of sinful, deliciously decadent and fabulously filthy!

Following hot on the heels of both Thor and Kaden, this is all about Xavier and in my opinion these guys are just getting better and better. The author seems to have a spring in her step and it certainly shows because with each of the books the stories are getting better and better, I mean Kaden was a good read, but Xavier well he beats him hands down!

Xavier is friends with Thor, so it was little surprise that when his life imploded and he lost everything, it would be his friend that would offer him a helping hand.

Its only been six years but to Xavier it feels both like a lifetime ago and only yesterday because while he has recovered from the loss of his job, the fact that he lost the security his wealth afforded him, he still hasn’t actually resolved how he feels about his ex- Alexa. The pain he felt when she left him still weighs heavy on him and in that respect, he has the most delicious internal conflict, how can he still hate a woman that if truth be told he still loves.

Well he needs to find a happy medium because he’s just picked up a new client and it is none other than Alexa and her husband. Oh dear …. things have just gotten very, very interesting indeed!

The dynamic, the connection and the undertone of conflict all made for a deliciously addictive read. A quick and honest read steal much time out of the day but stole my breath, it brought so much to the page that while it was expectedly scorching, what I had anticipated was the emotional vulnerability that was also prevalent.

I was thanking my lucky stars that this was a novella, because it was one that had it been full length, I would have been losing sleep. This  pair will keep you on your toes as you whip through the up’s and down’s of not only what they once had, what they have now and what they can have in the future.

Topic: Xavier by Brit Lauren

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