by HJ Bellus


There are days when I could, I could seriously do myself damage…I mean come on, how did I not know that this was the third in the series????  So stupid of me!
I have a real soft spot for HJ Bellus, not only are her stories superb but darn it she has some of the very best covers! Totally dribble worthy!
When I started Trick I didn’t know what to expect but it didn’t take long for the focus to settle and my heart to start to race, it was obvious early on that this was going to be a hard and fast ride but OMG how mistaken was I it was so much more.
Trick, was sensational, not at all what I thought he would be like but totally what I wanted, he was an absolute sweetie. Now, I know you will have probably just rolled your eyes at that point but don’t confuse sweetie with him being soft because there is one thing that this guy certainly is not and that is a pushover, nope he is the epitome of bada** and I fell for him hook, line and sinker!
The book didn’t hold, the characters had plenty to say and more than enough oomph to ensure that they were listened too, so pay attention or you will miss out.
Emotionally this was a sledgehammer of a read, it packed a punch that left me totally winded and agog.
The connection between Trick and Mack was beautiful, he treated her as if she was priceless and with a level of adoration that left me sniffling, he was gentle yet persuasive ensuring that   no matter how fragile she appeared, her inner strength as given the opportunity to shine. How could she not with the love of a man like Trick beside her? I would say that I defy you to not fall in love with the two of them but I think it would be foolish because I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t adore them.
As usual, this was sensationally written, with fabulous characterisation and some gloriously emotional content …total winner.

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