Worth the Risk

by Claudia Connor


Claudia Connor has just planted herself right in the centre of my radar because Worth the Risk is brilliant!

Despite the title which I must say had me a little reticent at first but Worth the Risk is a first class read, I loved it!

From the ashes of unfathomable tragedy blossoms the most beautiful romance, one that washes away the hurt and pain form the past. One that tries its hardest to show you how to trust and how to move on.

Stephen and Hannah were both hurt in different ways. The death of his fiancé has left Stephen gutted, deliberately keeping himself at arm’s length from everyone, he leads a lonely and angry life. But his isolation has resulted in a phenomenal career and all the trimmings of success that comes with it. Hannah on the other hand is a more tortured soul.

Much like Stephen her work as a physical therapist with kids is her solace, it is her comfort and it keeps her safe from that hands of all but her brothers who act as a human shield, protecting their sister from the memory of the horrific past that she wears within. The work that she does is completely enlightening, she revels in the company of both the children and animals, but it is not only her helping them, they give her a positivity that she so desperately needs.

But at some point in life there has to be something or someone that is worth fighting for and worth putting yourself on the line for. And for both Stephen and Hannah that time has come.

They can each see in one and another a glimmer of hope that a future just might be worth fighting for. The gentle sensitivity of the development of their relationship was fabulous, realistically taking root and growing for all the right reasons.

Having not read book 1 in this series ( which I fully intend to rectify immediately) I have nothing by this author to compare this novel too and for that I am really pleased because it doesn’t deserve to be compared, it stands alone and stands proud as a book that should be set apart.

It is a story of battling through hardship, through the darker side of life and to fighting and finding your way to a much deserved happiness. It gives hope to all that love is around the corner and available to all if you are only willing to give it a shot and to decide what you are willing to give up in order to get what your heart desires.

I loved that the author has created a catalogue of characters which have now been introduced and that have peaked by interest. I can’t wait to their stories and I definitely can’t wait to open the next story from this author.