Awaken by Nina Lane


Awaken by Nina Lane


This is book three in the Spiral Bliss Series and I can honestly say that each and every book has been a thrill to read and this is no exception – it is the culmination to one of the most delightfully romantic and erotic series of novels that I have had the pleasure to read.


The love and passion between Dean and Liv is breath-taking, they are so in tune with each other that it is a wonder that they can function as individuals, but then again I think that maybe this is the whole point.


The book differs from many of the other novels in the genre as it is centres on an already married couple right from the first word. And through the previous two novels we have watched as they have both loved and lost their way. They have had more than their share of issues and have learnt the hard way that what you want is worth the fight and these two want nothing more than each other.

In this story we see their tale wind its way through yet more angst and uncertainty but we learn that to experience the good – you have to shake the bad by the throat and fight for what you want.


Dean and Liv learn to really fight not only for themselves but also for each other in this story.


Love is compromise and it’s never easy – nothing worth having in life is!


" beautiful wife. Wanting her is like breathing. Needing her is in my blood. And loving her will always be the beat of my heart."


The story starts with the couple separated following the events that emerged at the end of Allure, they reached the decision together in order to try and take some of the pressure off them both .We find Dean working in Italy and trying to deal with the malicious allegations that are plaguing his future and Liv is at home dealing with the emotional after effects of her loss and the fact that because of the situation she is without her husband at a time when she really needs him.


The separation is painful for them both, they need each other to function and feel complete. It was difficult to comprehend how as a couple facing the lies that they had laid at their feet were, you would subject yourselves to the pain of being apart but they had their reasons and those reasons and the emotion of the separation and dealt with beautifully in this book, the writing is truly exquisite. Modern technology saves their sanity and provides the reader with some of the steamiest scenes in the story!


Liv has her own issues to deals, following the passing of her grandmother – she has the misfortune of being  paid a visit by her reprehensible mother – something that she can well do without.

The woman knows nothing about the love and intensity  of relationship that Dean and Liv have between them and to watch her fumble and mistakenly reach her own conclusions had my blood boiling!.

In his usual inimitable way, Dean does exactly what we have all come to love about him, he stands tall and proud and shoulders the unfounded pressure that is being forced upon him. I love Dean he is a true hero – not some fancy fighter or superstar, just a good old fashioned guy, who works hard and loves his wife with absolute devotion and god forbid anyone that stands in his way.


“When we first met, I felt like I’d woken up,” he says, his gaze on the floor. “Like everything before you had just been the prologue to my real life. I’d spent all those years waiting for you, not even knowing I was waiting, and then you were there. The second I saw you, I knew I’d do whatever it took to make you mine. But even when I did…it scared the hell out of me, being with you.”


You’re the only woman who’s ever made me afraid”


The conclusion of the book is superb, but there are a few tenterhook moments along the way. I don’t want to give too much away but this pair and especially Dean gets to see just how the depth of feeling he evokes in those around him when his troubles reach their climax.



Dean and Liv throughout this whole series show us the type of love that we all wish and hope to find in our lives, it will make you look at your relationship to see whether like them you are fortunate to have the type of love that the hounds of hell would fail to pull asunder or whether you have work to do – if you are single it will ruin you for all but the most special of creatures- the man that is truly your soul mate – and for each of us – he is out there- trust me – I’m lucky that I found mine a long time ago!!


These books are a romantic, erotic, ride through the ups and downs of married life but they show us that despite the trouble that life can bestow upon us – love will conquer all.


First Class Read!!!!


Rating 5 out of 5