Falling Fast

by Aurora Rose Reynolds

If I had to think of a word to describe Colton and Gia then it would have to be Perfect and I would probably preface that with the word Absolutely.

There was quite simply nothing not to like about this pair so, please if you are looking for something totally angst riddled then this might not be the book for you, I’m not saying that everything is easy they have they fair share of hurdles to overcome, the very least of which is Colton’s ex…dear lord woman you are a loon!!

I thought Gia was a delightful character, a woman that seemed set to be one of life’s not necessarily downtrodden but certainly forgotten, love was a commodity that she gave willingly but from early years she had been without the love of her mother and left being cared for by a step mother and her father and her upbringing was not what it should have been. It was that care or lack of it that has shaped her into the woman she is now and one that my heart really felt for.

Her life took a massive shift when she discovered that the woman she always believed to be dead, her mother’s mum, her Grandma was alive although not in great health. Finding out the truth was a hard blow for Gia, she was so hurt that she had been kept from her that Gia she upped sticks and headed to Tennessee.

I hated that she had been denied the love of her grandma, because as soon as she arrived in Tennessee it was obvious that she was with someone that cared for her, so it was no surprise that she stepped up and took on the task of the elderly lady’s care. But she can’t do it all and live on fresh air so she finds herself a job and the local bar. Now I can probably her a groan at this point, but honestly stick with it because the connection she finds at the bar is reward for a life she has lived in the shadows.

Colton…oh my! This ex-military man is everything that is right in the world, but he has been through the wars and still struggles with both physical and emotional scars that he carries after his time in service. Gia is quick to notice him but then again, he is not a man to be missed, but it isn’t until Gia that anyone is able to get under his skin and get to know the real man hiding behind the wall that he has around himself.

But will he see the signs, will he accept that Gia is the one that he should hold on too? I wondered whether he was going to be able to let go enough to finally have his happy ever after. I knew that Gia deserved hers and I read with my fingers crossed in the hope that he would be it for her, I didn’t dare dream that he would break her heart because I wasn’t sure that either of them would survive the aftermath of that.

As with all the works I have read from this author the prose, the tone and the intensity of the story is absolutely on the money, no word is put to waste and no emotion left unresolved. A fantastic read that comes very highly recommended.

Topic: Falling Fast by Aurora Rose Reynolds

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