Blank Space

by Jennifer Young

There is a lot to be said for a good old fashioned mystery, add in a splash of romance and a political undertone and if like me you are at all interested in all things skulduggery then you will find this fascinating.

There was more to Bronte O’Hara that you might first imagine but after she has not only found an injured man in her kitchen but lost him again…well figuratively anyway. I was beginning to wonder what exactly she was hiding.

By the time the police were involved it was obvious that her past was a tad more colourful that she was letting on or did it just seem that way because she was desperately trying to insure that it remained firmly in the past? And if so why?

When questions started to be asked about Eden, her ex, I was sure that there was a level of subterfuge surrounding the whole situation that when uncovered was going to leave a devastating trail. He might be missing but I couldn’t help but wonder just how much trouble his anarchistic endeavours were going to heap onto Bronte’s shoulders.

There was a solid air of intrigue and conspiracy throughout the book and a number of questions that left an almost palpable cloud over much of the storyline. It was almost as if the political slant that was being played out was ready to ignite.

There is nothing that is going to rock you on your heels, the story is of a tried and tested formula but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t enjoyable because it is.

The connection and conversation between the main characters was well written and entirely engaging although there were a couple of aspects of the political edge that raised my eyebrow, I don’t think it necessarily detracted from what the author was trying to say.

Overall the story was well written and flowed well, the characters all served their purpose and the author didn’t waste time with irrelevance, which I really like.

I’d certainly read another of this author work.

Topic: Blank Space by Jennifer Young

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