A Little Combustible Chemistry

by Violet Duke



Book 0.5 - The Prequel to Love, Chocolate and Beer Series.

A facinating first step into the up and coming new series from the marvelous Violet Duke.

Bar Owner Dani Dobson and Chocolatier Luke Bradford share an intense but very brief encounter, one night in Dani's bar, one that not only sparks their interest in each other but kindles the flames of romance between the unlikely pair.

Long time town resident Dani is the owner of Ocotillos, the popular local bar and Luke is the new man in town, almost ready to open his Desert Confections stores following his relocation to the town of Cactus Creek.

The attraction between the pair is just as the title of the novella indicates - Chemical. Unable to resist each other will they make it together or will their business interests come between them?

The initial meeting is well handled and the scene is well set for the rest of the series that is to follow - there will certainly be fireworks in this relationship but it will be fun turning the pages to read how this partnership will develop.

Love, Chocolate and Beer - a balanced diet of ingredients that may just make for an interesting new read

Rating 3.5 out of 5