Desertion by River Savage


So I have loved each and every one of the Knights Rebel books so far and I was hanging and I mean tongue literally hanging out waiting to read Jesse’s story – I missed the guys and their goings on but most of all I just wanted to see how hard he was going to fall and to see Nurse Bell bring him to his knees!

I had serious reservations on whether I could or would take to Jesse. But his story just blew me away!

This gloriously alpha, blond haired god with piercing blue eyes and tattoos to die for had me rooting for him from fairly early on – although I have to admit, not straight away.

Jesse was a complex guy, one that can play the field with absolute abandon, so finding someone to quench his insatiable thirst was never going to be easy. But one very cute but ever so slightly not interested Bell Johnson may just be the woman to show him what he has been missing all along, but getting the two of them together in the first place may not be smooth sailing.

Jesse, has women falling at his feet- and anywhere else he tells them but Bell initially isn’t interested, he’s a player and she lives life by treading a very narrow path. Her family have been through so much that she refuses to stray too far from what is expected in order to ensure that her parents can sleep at night.

Jesse is so far out of her league that they are barely on the same planet let alone page!

But when she needs his help, he takes his opportunity and the chase is on.

One date, just one and they are hooked but this is not your normal connection, they are both damaged – each has scars that they cannot shake.

But I was totally on their side, I wanted them to make it work – to find a way to cast their demons aside and to have what they needed most – each other.

There was one scene in the book that had me reaching for my sleeve to wipe away the tears – I was mortified when the horrors of Jesse’s experiences in war was almost catastrophic for Bell and I think it was at that point that Jesse became more for me, he wasn’t just the bad ass pretty boy biker that was used to getting his own way, he was a broken warrior who was facing the biggest fight of his life, the fight to live a normal life with a woman by his side.

Their relationship was funny, intense, and hot but I think I got more from it than just its surface value, I felt the book, I felt their connection and I felt the pain that the experiences they were going though had heaped upon them.

The situation with Jesse’s father give Bell the opportunity to show that what they had cut both ways because when he doubted himself, she was the one to show him that his beauty was more than skin deep, it was soul deep – he had a heart that bled for his friends and those he had left behind on the battle field, as beautiful as he was on the outside to her, he was even more beautiful on the inside, he was worth more than he could even comprehend, especially to her.

And although he has convinced himself that he doesn’t deserve her and that he has to walk away, I was screaming at him by this point – why could he not see that he would be a fool to deny himself the only piece of happiness that he has ever felt.

This is a difficult book to call because each reader will get different dynamics from the book – personally I found the relationship between the two of them was telling, it was understanding and it was intense. It gave me all the pieces to the puzzle and let me watch as they slowly clicked each piece into place – as they slowly reveal the picture of them, their lives intertwined.

The book gave the two of them the peace they needed, it left Bell with the hope and Jesse with  purpose.