Ain't Doin' It

by Lani Lynn Vale

There has been occasions lately when I have reached for something to read knowing that what I need is something comfortable, something that I know will transport me to where I need to be and give me everything I have been searching for and with Lani Lynn Vale I get just that, I get stories and characters that envelope me completely and allow my mind to escape.

With Ain’t Doin’ It, I got more than I bargained for, because with Coke and Cara there is never a dull moment. I have to admit that I thought that Coke was a stand-up guy, he took things for what they were, paid no heed to expectations of unnecessary sensitivities and worked his socks of to ensure that his daughter wanted for nothing. I could hardly fathom how he had managed to remain married to his ex Beatrice for as long as he had, I am sure had it been me I would have been locked up long ago. He had my admiration for that act of survival alone!

Cora likes to stay under the radar, to keep her own counsel and remain out of the spotlight but she is a talented artist, and selling her works is providing her with a much-needed outlet for not only her pictures but also herself…but does that mean she is ready to act on some of the thoughts she has had about her sexy as sin single dad who just happens to be her new neighbour?

Well that is something only time would tell…but darn it I was reading with my fingers crossed at this point, hoping that they would get it on…luckily, I didn’t have long to wait on their initial friendship taking the step up to something a whole lot more!

Of course the author made sure that they had their obstacles to overcome and I have to say that I think Lani outdid herself this time because Beatrice, Coke’s ex wife was bats**t crazy, the woman was seriously unhinged!

A great read that told a tale of a love that was destined to be and that didn’t need all the bells and whistles, they just needed each other, and I was thrilled that they each finally had their “happy”, their perfect.

As always, the story was beautifully descriptive, and the pace was pitched to perfection…a fabulous read!