Suddenly in Love by Julia London

There are days when this sort of read is all I want. It covers all the bases and does it well, holding my attention and allows me absolute escapism.

One point I would like to make straight off the bat, and this is one very, very well written book. There isn’t a word out of place, a sentence that is too long or a descriptive tone that is too much, the author has it completely pitch perfect.

The book is about Mia and Brennan and the term opposite attract could have been written with this pair in mind, they’re seem to be like chalk and cheese or is that what they want to believe and in turn want us to believe?

Desperate to take time out of the limelight Brennan is longing of some time to himself, away from the rock star lifestyle and expectations, time to think, time to create and time to just work on being the man he wants to be not the public persona. The stress and strain of being the huge rock star has stifled the thirst he had when he entered the industry and it is only by taking this time to himself is he ever going to work out what his next move is.

Mia on the other hand is full of ideas but with nothing ever coming to fruition she has had to move home with her parents and take up a job with her aunt. Life is a tapestry of bright and colourful ideas for Mia, she has failed successfully to fit the mould of everything that life might expect and that is primarily because she has never really tried, she likes being different, her quirky soul refuses to be fettered and when she meets Brennan, she isn’t shy about letting him know exactly what she thinks.

Now I am all for freedom of expression but really woman, have you no filter at all! Although that being said her tirade was probably long overdue in Brennan’s life, it was time he knew what it was like to have folk who were not afraid to speak their minds around him.

I liked the fact that the two of them just worked, that Brennan was able to keep who he was under wraps so to speak, well until Skylar opened that particular can of worms! They seemed to be completely in tune with each other and fed off the energy that them being together produced.

I liked many of the secondary characters although like all good books, there is always one that will rub you up the wrong way and not mentioning any names, there was one in particular in this story that got right on my very last nerve!

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