Unworthy by Elaine May


Oh lord this is this book needs very little said about it other than the fact that it is a stunningly beautiful story.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to get at first, this was a new author to me but I have to say I was stunned into silence with the quality of the work that was laid before me and the depth of emotion that the story managed to engage from me.

I found myself feeling a huge sense of empathy with Grace.

She had a past that made me feel very sad for what she had been through, she deserved better, she suffered as a child and it clouded the impression that she not only had of herself but it also tainted how she perceived others saw her.

I applauded the fact that she fought hard to be more than she had always been and so much more than others had expected from her, because she was worth more than any of them!

Her life was what she had made it but when Samuel came into the picture, my heart soared for her. Finally someone who could see her for the glorious woman that she was.

He really was a beautifully caring man. He saw Grace for the real woman beneath the surface, the woman that her heart proved she was…Special!

He was as special as she was and he brought the family she had always deserved into her life. He gave her all life that together they could both revel in, grow into.