Their Confession

by S Valentine

I had to have a quick review of the previous books before diving straight into this one, and it was no hardship because I was able to indulge in what has been to date a superb series. I was aware that this was the conclusion of their story but that intensified the story if that make sense because I knew that the author had to wrap it all up and I was just dying to see how she was going to do that.

I have loved the story between Darion and Gabriella it has been a wild ride, they have been through so much that it is a miracle that they are still standing but testament to what they are able to endure.

Gabriella has been thrilled so far that Darion was willing to leave the lifestyle behind, sell the club and commit to being with her, that is up until her conscience starts niggling away at her, can a guy like Darion actually settle for a life without all the frills and fancy?

Well she might not know the answer but she is willing to do her best to try and ensure that he has no reason to regret his decision. With a new vigour she sets about showing him that he made the right choice and that together they can make things exciting. They can keep the spark alight but what if the only thing that they have going for them is the physical attraction…poppycock, this pair are smitten and Darion knows it. Gabriella is the best thing to have ever happened to him and being without her is not an option but that might all change because if she were to ever find out what he was keeping from her…it just might be a reality!

I loved the fact that the author used their own fears against them, her insecurities praying on her and convincing her that his distance was a sign that he was unhappy with what they had, when the truth was that nothing could have been further from the truth, his unhappiness was at the fact that he could completely let the woman he loved in to everything that was consuming his life for that meant him facing his own fear of being without her. So could they find their way to survive not only the external pressures but also the internal battles that they had foisted on themselves

Of course the story has a confession as the title obviously indicates and when that is finally revealed it is one that has the potential to blow everything they have ever had out of the water, they have to quickly face up to the fact that this is their new reality and they either face it together or allow their lives to change completely. What a dilemma!

Told from both points of view this is a story that will keep you on your toes, it takes hold early on and it never let’s go and believe me it is not a gentle hand hold, nope this grabs you by the throat and is totally relentless. I liked the perspective that the pair of them brought to the page, they were open and that gave me a renewed appreciation for what they were going through.

Packed with more than enough twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat, this has all its bases covered, it has their intimacy absolutely nailed, it is scorching! But it shows them not only at their strongest but also at their most vulnerable, it lays bare their insecurities and uncovers the heartaches that hold them back, all the while pushing them to explore their desires and desperation not only for each other but for the future they deserve

Highly recommended, Darion will blow your mind!

Topic: Their Confession by S Valentine

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