Runaway Heart by Sonya Loveday and Candace Knoebel

A joyously emotional story told with the most deliciously fabulous flow, the authors have managed to bring to life a story that is crammed full of characters that I simply adored.

The story itself is one that winds its way from the first flush of love through to the discovery of what it takes to keep a love that is determined to last a lifetime, despite the stumbling blocks of a life not only lived but survived.

The story is that of Hannah and Ed and they are a strong pair with a depth of character that makes them impossible to ignore.

Hannah is a strong character, although her exterior belies the kind heart that she shield so fervently. Her career means that she has more to gain by keeping the softer side of her nature well-hidden but that didn’t mean that she could fool herself.

Ed on the other hand is quite the opposite, or so it seemed to me.

And after their initial meeting his wit and charm seems to have her resolve wilting.

Could he win through her hardened exterior?

I found the reminiscence’s from Hannah’s past to present meant that I could completely absorb the magnitude of the events that Hannah has endured during her childhood.

Life has been abusive and it was shrouded by those events, the ones with which she tries to dictate the shape of her relationship with Ed, little does she know that he has his own demons to fell.

The connection they forge is tentative in the beginning as would be expected but it is littered with all the signs that it could quite possibly have what they need to last a lifetime.

I liked the way that the story took a sensitive history and with an authorative tone and beautifully sensitive phrasing presented me with a story that was quite simply exceptional.

It held my attention from start to finish and at times left me holding my breath for longer than I possibly dared.

I enjoyed the banter, the wit and the charm, the colloquialisms and attitude that not only the main characters but the super secondary characters brought to the page

Topic: Runaway Heart by Sonya Loveday and Candace Knoebel

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